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wildharvest dinners

in partnership with

rivers & roots

Join us for an evening of connection, in celebration of the gifts that grow on the land & those who tend the wild.

Manoomin, the Good Seed:

Indigenous Food Sovereignty & Reconciliation

Guest: James Whetung,

Black Duck Wild Rice,

Curve Lake First Nation

Learn about James's community's journey in restoring their traditional wild rice beds & cultural traditions.

OCTOBRE 22, 2022

3pm Presentation by James Whetung

Dinner: 5pm-9pm

Cost:$100/adult $25/child

Sliding Scale available

$50-100/pp or $125 per family


Indigenous guests complimentary tickets

Location: Rivers & Roots Homestead

(5m north of Wakefield)

507 ch Shouldice, Wakefield, QC


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Deer Stew /   Three Sister Soup

Wild Nettle Spanakopita

Manoomin in Chanterelle Cream Sauce with Chanterelles & Lobster Mushroom

Duck Breast/ Garlic Mushrooms and Roasted Veggies, on Sweet Potato Puree 

Chokecherry Cheesecake & Apple Spice Mini Cakes

Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholics included

Rivers & Roots Artisanal Sodas & Chaga Chai

Artisanal Teas by Mitigomin

Red and White

Beer and Hard Teas

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